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MORE than an agency

At Vicky Barcelona, we are much more than an agency.

Our passion lies in creating unforgettable experiences that transcend expectations and generate authentic emotions in people. In all the events we are involved in, we focus on every little detail to deliver impactful results. Our success is based on our ability to anticipate and get it right. What is our secret? Knowing our customers in depth.

We become a fundamental part of each project in which we participate.

We create unique and magical experiences.

Our goal is to add value to every event

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey and discover all that we can achieve together?


The right team

At Vicky Barcelona, we believe in the power of the human factor and the magic that is created when the right people come together. Our team is made up of passionate and committed professionals who share the vision of exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Join us and discover the magic we can create together!
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